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But the Hour is Near

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On the streets of Riga, Eriks and Daniels preach both the Gospel and their version of a modern Christian lifestyle. Although friends, they hold opposing views of life – that of an extreme materialist and extreme idealist. Their story unfolds against the background of the emergence of charismatic new sects, determined to corner the religious market. A grotesque story from real life about ordinary people
who try to embrace fanatical faith in the face of temptations and demands of
everyday life.

Winner of National Film Festival of Latvia ‘’Lielais Kristaps’’ in the category of documentary films!

Duration: 90 min
Format: DV, 35 mm
Screen ratio: 4:3
Sound: stereo

Director: Juris Poskus
Script: Juris Poskus
Producers: Juris Poskus, Laima Freimane
Camera: Andrejs Rudzats, Peteris Tidrikis, Igors Stads, Oskars Poikans, Juris Poskus
Sound: Janis Brunovskis
Editing: Francis Vesin, Oskars Poikans
Production company: FA Filma
Year of production: 2004

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