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LAST COPIES! THE MASTER OF ICE Once upon a time during the usual fest at the Kings palace arrives a strange magician. He is a Master of Ice and his specialty is to freeze everything. The King does not like that icy magic, and magician is impolitely sent away. Even Princess is laughing on him.
Later, when Princess takes a walk, followed by young Page, angry magician comes again, freezes Princess and stoles her away to his ice castle far away. King tries to sent some knights to rescue Princess, but evil Mater of Ice freezes all of them and also all kingdom. Only young Page stays not freeze and now he is only one, who can try to rescue Princess. Followed by two new friends – small bird and Salamander – boy starts his long and dangerous way…
TIGER Dark caravan arrives in the city during the night. Next morning children find a big box left on the street. Strange sounds come from this box. The famous Rescue Team men have been called to ask their help…
MAGIC WATER Two animals, Munk and Lemmy, are trying to cultivate a small apple tree in the middle of desert. The tiny plant misses some water. Munk is ought to look around for some water and fortunately finds an oasis with a spring. Going back with water, Munk does not recognize, that every water drop falling in to the sand gives immediate life for new plant. The water from the spring is magic! It brings to life everything generating some unexpected troubles …
HURRY UP, MUNCHAUSEN, HURRY UP ! This film is about barons Munchauzen’s adventurous journey to his bride Jacobin.The love letter from bride interrupt’s baron’s victorious war operations against Turks and following his heart call Munchauzen rushes to meet his beautiful lady overcoming all the difficulties.
MISCHIEVES A cheerful, dinamic and unexpected chance to have a good laugh and rest from our problems – at least for ten minutes – this film is made after the German cartoonist V.Busch’s comic strips.
So prepare yourself for the crazy logic of nonsense and look, what happens to the mischievous pal Peter.

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