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The unforgettable world of childhood in the pre-war independent Latvia seen trough the eyes of Janis Klidzejs, the author of the novel THE CHILD OF MAN, now living in emigration. This world is also close to Janis Streics, the film director who has adapted the novel for screen. He also comes from the same region as the author of the novel, from Latgale, one of Latvia’s national districts with its ethnographic peculiarities reflecting in its language, traditions, songs and strong catholic background.
The film tells about a little boy’s growth into a man. This process has been looked on from an unusual angle – through the boy’s love for an almost grown up young woman that jokingly calls him “her little fiance”. She swears an eternal faith in him and even does not suspect that the boy might take it very seriously. It calls forth both comic and amusing as well as dramatic and tragic situations. The girl has her real fiance and she gets married…

A special discovery for the film is its leading character Bonifacijs who does not act but really lives through all the passion of love. It happened so that the little actor Andris Rudzinskis really fell in love with his partner.
The film is joyful, sonorous, light, full of human love and vitality, like Latgale itself up to 1940. It can interest children as well as those who have been kids once and have retained the light of christian love, light in early childhood, in their hearts until old age.

This one of the most loved films for Latvians – everyone has seen it and some lines and songs lives their life in everyday folklore up to now.

Director: Janis Streics
Producer: Rolands Kalnins
Screenplay: Janis Streics after the novel “The Child of Man” by Jaanis Klidzejs
Director of photography: Harijs Kukels
Cast: Andris Rudzinskis – Bonifacijs, Signe Dundure – Bigi, Akveline Livmane – Mother, Janis Paukstello – Father, Bolislavs Ruzs – Grandfather
Producfion Company: Film Studio TRIS

Year: 1991
Language: Latvian
Subtitles: LAT, ENG, FRA
Colour: Colour
Running time: 96 min

More information: IMDB

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