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Little Ruddy While catching irritating fly, little red pencil Ruddy, from the artist`s table, gets in the world of unfinished picture book. Here he meets little forest creatures and gets into different adventures. Ruddy enjoys doing different jobs, but without the red color world seems strange and the picture book unfinished. With the help of new friends Ruddy returns home…
CRISPY At the snowy forest dwarfs are busy as Christmas Eve is approaching! Dwarf girl bakes gingerbread cookies and makes up the small man – Crispy. Little gingerbread man becomes alive and is very curious.
In the big world he will not only have fun adventures and danger, but also wonders of the Season…
AKORN BOY The small girl has made from autumn’s gifts a lot of different characters. One of them – the little acorn boy – accidentally got lost in the grass. The little acorn boy wants to discover the world in what he has arrived, but at first he must learn how to walk. Looking for his lost cap he appears at the village of bugs. Here he will come across the new surprises and adventures…
Hedgehogs and the City One spring morning animals wake-up from winter sleep and discovers that forest has been turned into the city. Hedgehog has a briliant idea how they all could survive in the big city. By helping people they could earn money! But what does it takes? Hedgehogs decide to get back forest and their real home…
Tiger Dark caravan arrives in the city during the night. Next morning children find a big box left on the street. Strange sounds come from this box. The famous Rescue Team men have been called to ask their help…
Corrida In the main arena of the capital of Spain, Madrid, goes on the bull fight. But at that time the Toreador is nor so successful as usual and must run away to save his life. Finding safe place from angry beast, Toreador uses his mobile phone to call for help. The phone call has been received by “Rescue Team”. It is the very first call from Europe. Using their new, yellow airplane, three brave men immediately depart for saving mission…
Vasa The great museum of Stockholm in Sweden exhibits the famous sailing boat “Vasa” that sank during its first voyage and had been later raised from the depths of the sea. Several Japanese tourists, guided by a tour guide are walking around it. Suddenly museum guard is horrified to see that a large rat is sitting in the hole! And there is no just one rat. After unsuccessful tries to get rats away, guards’ are ought to look for help. They are calling “Rescue Team”…

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