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GEORG is a film tale based on true life facts about the fate, the artistic and personal life of Estonia’s most well-known singer Georg Ots (1920-1975). This singer with extraordinary talent never reached the world’s great opera stages. These were the times. In addition to Estonia he was known and loved only by the audience in the Soviet Union and in Finland. The unique timbre of Ots’ voice is still remembered today.

The film tells the story of the artist’s fate shaped by difficult and unsteady years. It is a very personal tale of love, intrigue and family. Georg got married three times. Just before the war he married his sweetheart Margot. People said that they had been the prettiest couple in Estonia. The war separated Georg and Margot and they never met again

21-year old Ots was mobilized to the Soviet Army. In Jaroslavl, Russia, he fell head over heels in love. His beloved was the beautiful dancer with a complicated fate, Asta Saar. After adventures in Africa and France in her early childhood, Asta had been performing in Estonia as a dancing child prodigy since she was six years old. Her artistic soul and temperament probably came from her gipsy mother, she had no formal training in dance.

After the war Georg and Asta started at equal positions at the Estonia theatre – one in the opera choir, the other in the ballet troupe. Georg made a brilliant soloist career in a couple of years, Asta did not proceed beyond corps de ballet. The former prodigy could not take it, artistic jealousy rose in the family, it grew stronger with years and finally ended with a crash. But this demon-like woman kept influencing Georg’s fate until the end of his days.

The following stage in Ots’ life was his third marriage – to the model Ilona. Daughter Mariann was born. Finally everything seemed to be perfect. Then came a serious illness. The doctors did not conceal the diagnosis. Georg knew that he did not have long left. When incurably ill, he began to make true one of the theatrical dreams he had had for the whole of his life – to stage Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. He had performed the hero of this tale himself many times – both on the stage and in real life. On this last time there was no escape from the cold grasp of the Statue of Stone.

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