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Imants Ziedonis. Biographical Multimedia DVD

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The biographic multimedia disc of legendary Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis combines very vast amounts of information of different content and form, e.g. written texts, pictures, videos, sound recordings, songs, animation etc. Moreover the combination of this different material in one disc can address a broad specter of the public.
The goal of the project is to create and present high-quality biographical multimedia disc about an internationally acknowledged Latvian poet – Imants Ziedonis in a new and interesting way, as well as to look at the 20th century Latvia from the author’s perspective. The disc offers many interactive possibilities – various testimonies to the author’s time period serve to create the proper atmosphere: objects, film and video fragments, and recordings of Ziedonis reading poetry. The disc may also be used as an educational tool in schools.
Available in Latvian and English.

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