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Cross your heart and hope to die! Can you honestly swear that at least once in your life you have not thought that robbing a bank is a good idea? Especially, if you’re five years old and that bank has just thrown your parents out of a brand new apartment, because your father has lost his job.

Robby (5) is no Zorro, but he’d like to be. His sister Louise (7) thinks he’s too childish, but can’t resist the game of robbing a bank. Together they can pull off just about anything. Getting away with it is the hard part.

Gendre: comedy
Directed by Armands Zvirbulis
Producer Gatis Upmalis
Written by Māris Putniņš
Composer Mārtiņš Brauns
Cast: Gustavs Vilsons, Zane Leimane, Karl Markovics, Artūrs Skrastiņš, Juris Žagars, Aija Dzērve, Imants Strads
Original language: Latvian
Co-production of Studio F.O.R.M.A. (Latvia) and MINI FILM (Austria)

More information: IMDB, Official webpage


Minsk International Children’s and Youth Film Festival LISTAPADIK (Belarus) – Grand Prix
Diploma for Best Director – Armands Zvirbulis
Bielefeld Children’s and Youth Film Festival (Germany)
Main Prize (shared with film “Frogs and Toads”)
National Film Award “Lielais Kristaps” (Latvia)
Best Director – Armands Zvirbulis
Best Make-up – Ilze Trumpe
Audience Award
International Children’s Film Festival “Artek” (Krim, Ukraine)
Best Adventure Film Award
Munich Film Festival (Germany)
Children’s Section Audience Award
Interanational Film Festival for Children and Youth ZLIN (Czech Republic)
Commendation of Ecumenical Jury
Riga International Children’s film festival “Berimor’s Cinema” (Latvia)
Main Prize – Berimor’s “Big Pillow”

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