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DVD, Latvia,

What does the question “to be or not to be?” mean to a person? Does the answer include only the biological difference between life and death or do these states interact with each other and are both a part of the life? How to overcome non-existance, how to achieve the conciousness of your existance and fulfillment? How to escape the emptiness of life? How to make life fulfilling?
The protagonist of this film is the 86 year old director Olģerts Kroders, who commenced staging his fourth production of Sheakspeare’s “Hamlet” in Valmieras Drama theater. The theater is more than merely his occupation, he not only works there but also lives and spends all of his time in it. The film depicts his routine, the rehearsal process up until the premiere and provokes a dialog about theater, freedom and solitude using four actors, who have all been Hamlet in the different productions of play. O. Kroders’ life and the lives of the actors’ wittiness and tell the history of
Latvia and the fates of different generations.
Nominations for “Lielais Kristaps” awards – best debute, best short documentary and best director of photography.

Directors: Krista Burāne, Mārtiņš Eihe
Producer: Mārtiņš Eihe
Script: Krista Burāne
Director of photography: Inese Apse
Editor: Krista Burāne
Music: Emīls Zilvers
Sound director: Egons Kronbergs
Year: 2009

Language: Latvian
Subtitles: ENG
Lenght: 0:55
Format: 16:9
Audio: stereo
Region: all

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