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Through expresssive poetic cinematography this film offers a ”poem” on the hundreds of worker-bees behind the annual celebrations of Latvian proclamation on November 18th in the year 2004.Anniversary of National proclamation is a day of special meaning in all calendars in the whole world. Speeches and smiles, whispers and racy jokes swirl around. The Anatomy of National Holiday doesn’t claim to do a journalistic documentary research about solidarity of state power and society in such public holiday. With its’ precise and expressive cinematographic means it is rather a poem about hundreds of pixies who arrange this festivity for us. It is poetry about „back-yard” of holiday-making that everyone wants to look into. The film is a kind of holiday ecology: when our smaller brothers are sacrificed for our ritual dining table; when for a moment fireworks cover the real stars. It is a usual day in an unusual date – 18th November 2004, the Latvian National Proclamation day.

Script: Askolds Saulitis
Director: Askolds Saulitis
Cinematographers: Andris Priedītis, Haralds Vecvagars, Mikus Meirans
Editor: Liene Balina
Composer & Sound: Janis Brunovskis
Producer: Askolds Saulitis
Production company: SUBJEKTIV FILMA
Year of production: 2005


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