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The four parts of this film created by four directors form a single narrative telling the life story of the main protagonist Theodor. Through brief glimpses from four different periods of his life the film touches upon the quintessential moments in the life of every human being.


Jānis Kalējs (b.1965, Riga, Latvia) studied at the Latvian State Conservatoire, then at the Riga Motion Picture Studio. His filmography includes film Matin dans une Forêt de Pins (2000).

Gatis Šmits (b.1973, Riga, Latvia). Film and theatre director. MFA in film direction Tisch School of the Arts, new york university. Made short film Agent Madly in Love (2002) as thesis Project at NYU.

Jānis Putniņš (b. 1967, Jurmala, Latvia) studied filmmaking at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and at SUNY Buffalo. His filmography includes feature films Investigation of Related Events (1993) and Hide-and-seek (2001), as well as the documentary Latvia So Close (1999).

Anna Viduleja (b.1972, Riga, Latvia) graduated NFTS (Great Britain). Graduation film- Nocturnal (2000) was invited to Cannes Film Festival – Cinefondation competition. Her other short films includes God’s Tears

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